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"Our mission is to delight the customer with helpful

information, quality products, and unsurpassed

service in a timely and efficient manner. We will
strive to determine and understand our
customers' fitness needs, and work with them
to find a proactive, viable and economic solution
to all their fitness requirements."

Continential Fitness Management

Maintenance Program
Continental Fitness' staff will gladly start you with a Preventative Maintenance program for your fitness equipment.

Contact us today for a free quote and an analysis of your maintenance needs!

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Read What They Said About
Continental Fitness

"We met in early January, I visited your store with problems with my Lifecycle, which I thought were battery related. In testing my battery you found that it was good and suggested that the problem may be the brushes, and proceeded to give me instruction in Lifecycle 101 to enable me to change them.

I am happy to report that it rectified the problem and that the bike is working as good as ever. I want to thank you again for your patience and assistance, never before have I received such customer service, and meeting you was a pleasure!

If you remember my circumstance, I was being transferred to Brussels, Belgium. Well I am here now, and in my place, and can tell you I am very happy, such a wonderful place to live. I have some friends here from Canada that have seen my bike, and are interested in getting one too."

P. Cahley, Brussels, Belgium

LifeFitness Warranty Maintenance Service
Continental Fitness Inc. do plenty of warranty  and maintenance service for all major manufacturers.  As we are well established and known in the industry, Continental Fitness Inc. are trusted with these delicate matters.

This letter was written to LifeFitness, (for whom we do occasional work for) and copied to us.

"After a lot of research, we bought a Lifestride 5500 treadmill in September 1994 and had a few problems between then and a few weeks ago. Even with these problems, we still thought that LifeFitness was one of the better companies.

During the past six months, when repairs to the treadmill were being tried out, there were times when we were a bit discouraged. But we're glad we persevered, because over that time we have found your company to be very customer-oriented and you have been very fair with us, for which we thank you.

A special thank you must go to a member of your customer service staff, Jim Cienkus, with whom we had a lot of contact over that period of time. We found Jim to be a cheerful, very personable, courteous and professional young man. At the same time, we have to commend your representative in Ontario, Kamal McDoom of Continental Fitness, on his impressive work ethic, reliability, courteous and professional manner. These two young men, who made a miserable situation much easier for us, are a positive asset to LifeFitness and are to be commended. Please pass on our gratitude to them both.

We are delighted with our replacement machine and get a lot of pleasure using it (every day since it was installed). We now know that we were right, LifeFitness is the BEST!"

J. and J. Butler, Toronto, Ontario

Just a note to let you know that our equipment was delivered in good order yesterday.  Mr. Kamal McDoom from Continental Fitness was extremely efficient at coordinating all aspects of the set-up and was extremely professional.  We greatly appreciate your service and look forward to doing business in the future.

C. Bourassa, D.C., Cochrane, Ontario


Parts and Accessories
img-parts.jpg (10381 bytes)Continental Fitness carries several replacement parts and accessories for several fitness equipment suppliers.  For more information, please call our sales department (905-839-3885) or email us.

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