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Quick Maintenance for your Treadmill

If you spend few minutes to maintain your treadmill every month, you can make the life of your machine much longer. Here are few tips to maintain your treadmill equipment.

  • reebokacd1.jpg (20200 bytes)There is electronic panel on the treadmill which can be affected by the dirt and dust. Once a week, dust your treadmill with a dry cloth from the belt and area under the belt. For the electronic board, use the moist cloth and ensure that the cloth is just moist and not dripping wet.

  • Every time you finish your workout, take a dry towel and wipe away the sweat from the treadmill. The sweat has acidic properties that can harm the belt of your treadmill equipment. It can make the belt slippery and it can be risky for the person who will be using the treadmill after you. During this operation, the underside of the running belt checked for wear and the deck is sprayed with anti-friction spray (where applicable.)

  • After using the treadmill initially for few days, it tends to expand or start to slip. All you need to do is tighten the screws which are located at the back of the treadmill. Be careful not to tighten the screws too much.

  • Treadmills need to be lubricated. Most decks are pre lubricated. There should be lowest possible friction between belt and the running deck. It prolongs the life of the belt, deck and belt motor. Check the lubrication of the treadmill once in a year. If there are any jerky movements, check for the lubrication. Before you lubricate the treadmill, make sure that it is completely at rest. Life the running belt and feel the deck. If the deck feels dry, lubricate the running deck accordingly.

  • Make sure the belt is properly aligned. The belt runs in the center of the running area. Adjust the tension and alignment of the running belt if necessary.

  • Do not use any soaps or solvents for cleaning your treadmill. Vaccum under and around the treadmill often. It prevents dust and debris from getting into the equipment. Dust between the deck and the belt.

If any parts needs replacing, check your maintenance package for your replacement options. If your maintenance package has expired, contact us and we can find a solution for you.


Maintenance Program
Continental Fitness' staff will gladly start you with a Preventative Maintenance program for your fitness equipment.

Contact us today for a free quote and an analysis of your maintenance needs!

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Parts and Accessories
img-parts.jpg (10381 bytes)Continental Fitness carries several replacement parts and accessories for several fitness equipment suppliers.  For more information, please call our sales department (905-839-3885) or email us.

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