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Parts and Accessories
img-parts.jpg (10381 bytes)Continental Fitness carries several replacement parts and accessories for several fitness equipment suppliers.  For more information, please call our sales department (905-839-3885) or email us.
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Continental Fitness Maintenace Service

Continental Fitness has been committed to bringing it's customers the highest quality of service for over a decade in Southern Ontario. Our preventative maintenance programs are comprehensive and are the intelligent decision in maintaining your equipment in perfect condition.

Continental Fitness have been providing our customers with Individualized Preventative Maintenance programs to best meet their needs. We firmly believe that together, we can ensure that you will get the most out of your equipment, while minimizing the interruption to users. A well-designed program can add years of life to equipment, and is the only logical, responsible and safe approach to take.

We can service the following brands:

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Our staff will gladly start you on a Preventative Maintenance Program.


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